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Amchur Powder

Amchur Powder
Amchur Powder
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Amchur Powder

Ginger powder has a very distinctive warm and spicy aroma. Ginger powder is used in toiletries for its warm, stimulating fragrance and externally in baths, poultices and ointments to relieve aches and pains. Ginger powder can be added to bath teas, body wraps, soaps and balms.

Introduction: Ginger powder is obtained by pulverizing dried ripe fruits of Zingiber officinale. India produced ginger powder which is fine-ground, light yellow renowned for its subtle lemon like aroma and sharp, biting flavor.

History: Ginger has a long history in India where they used it in many kind of dishes. Powdered Ginger is been used by the Europeans for baking ginger flavored breads, cakes and for other sweet snacks.

Making Process: To make ginger powder the fresh Ginger is collected, cleaned to remove the physical impurities, like adhered soil and dirt. Now it is sliced then dried and prepared to pulverize it. Ginger is gounded to 40mesh size to obtain its powdered form, then fumigated if neccessary. Ginger powder is packed with aseptic measures for storage and transportation.

Ginger is the herbaceous perennial belonging to Zingiberaceae family. Ginger of commerce usage is the dried rhizome of the
plant which is used as a spice. Dry Ginger Powder is finely-grounded and light yellow powder renowned for its subtle lemon like aroma and sharp, biting flavor.

Serving as a rich appetizer and an effective drug, ginger is widely known as one of the oldest spices. It is widely cultivated in India and is marketed as a dried spice.

Sunrise Spice Dry Ginger Powder is processed from best dried ginger and is popular for its aroma that lasts for long. Available in different packaging options, viz. corrugated boxes and poly-pouches to befit the distinct demands.

Indian Name (Ginger) : Adrak
Botanical Name : Zingiber officinale
Family Name : Roscoe Zingiberaceae

Cultivation Zone: Widely grown in different parts of India, ginger is generally named after the localities where it is grown. Some of the indigenous cultivators of ginger in India are Maran, Kuruppampady, Ernad, Wynad, Himachal and Nadia.

Uses of Dry Ginger Powder
Ginger is used in different forms, viz. raw ginger, dry ginger, bleached dry ginger, ginger powder, sliced ginger, ginger oil, ginger oleoresin, ginger in brine etc.

Dry Ginger Powder can be used in :

Food Preservatives
Perfumery industries.

The Health Benefits of Ginger

Stimulates Digestion
Naturally Freshens Breath
Relieves Nausea, Including Dizzyness from Motion Sickness
Helps Lower Cholesterol
Relieves Gas and Bloating
Soothes Common Cold Symptoms, Including Respiratory Infections
Eases Menstrual Cramps
Relieves Headaces
Helps Stop Diarrhea
Believed to Have Anti-Cancer Properties